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frequently asked questions

Do you paint custom pet portraits?

Yes. Most of my work is creating custom portraits for people who love their dogs as much as I do. To date I've created over 100 custom portraits, and most of them can be viewed in my Pet Portraits Portfolio. 

How can I get a custom pet portrait of my dog?

Please visit my Pet Portraits page to see examples of custom portraits. If you are interested in a portrait, contact me to get started.

My current commission pricing* is

12x12 $450  
11x14 $450  
16x16 $550  
16x20 $600  
18x18 $600  
20x20 $650  
18x24 $675  
24x24 $750  

These prices are for one dog per canvas with a solid background. Patterned backgrounds are additional and start at $50.  If you're interested in different size, please let me know. I always use a gallery wrap canvas, which eliminates the need for framing and has a more modern look. If you live near me or near my travels, I would prefer take photos myself. If you live far from me, we can work out photos through email.

I usually have a waiting list, but I'm always ready to hear from you and talk about a portrait of your precious pup!

I would love the opportunity to work with you!

*All pricing subject to local sales tax. Additional shipping charges may apply

Can I get more than 1 dog on a canvas?

Yes. Since adding another dog is almost twice the work, I have a different set of prices. Due to space requirements, the smallest size canvas that can be used for 2 dogs is a 16x20.

The pricing for 2 dogs on a canvas is:

16x20 $1000 
18x18 $1000 
20x20 $1100 

If you are interested in more than 2 dogs per canvas, please contact me for custom pricing. 

What is the time frame for completing a custom pet portrait?

I love working with the richness of oil paint! It allows for vibrant colors and a variation of textures and creates a striking contrast between light and dark. To create my paintings with depth, I use a layering process. So once I have photos and have created a composition, it may take me 3-5 months to complete your painting. Once the painting is dry enough, I add a protective, archival varnish. 

Will I be able to see a mock-up of my portrait before you begin painting?

Yes. Once I have photos, I create a digital composition in Photoshop with accessories and colors similar to what I will be painting. If you have preferences about the type of hat or colors you would like, let me know when I get photos. I want to create a portrait that we both love! Keep in mind that not all hat styles work for all dogs. For example, if your pup has exceptionally adorable ears, it would be a shame to cover them up with a cloche hat. If you don't have any ideas for accessories, I will create a composition for your dog based on our conversations and what I think will look best on your pup. Once you've had a chance to view the composition, I will wait for your approval before I begin. 

Once my painting is complete, will I be able to make changes/alterations?

While I will attempt to add any distinctive markings, there is not much I can change once the portrait is complete. Keep in mind that a painting is not a photograph but an artistic interpretation. Rather than creating an exact replica of your pet, I strive to capture their personality. 

Do you paint animals other than dogs (cats, horses, birds,etc)?

At this time I only paint dogs. I have 3 dogs of my own and feel that I know them better than other animals. 

How can I see in-progress photos of my painting?

I will often post a photo of the first monochromatic layer of a painting on my instagram account

How do I pay for my portrait?

You may pay through Venmo or with cash/check in person.  Some people prefer to either: pay the full amount up front, pay half now and half later, or pay in full once the portrait is complete.  Full payment is due upon delivery or prior to shipment of your painting. 

Have a question that wasn't answered here? Contact me. Thanks!

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